Do you see what I see?

Do you see what I see? If you are keeping watch over your flock
by night during the coming few days you may happen to see a new star in
the sky. Fear not. It’s the International Space Station. If you live in Nashville, here
are the exact times and coordinates
. Here’s a list of links
for the same type of information for cities
’round the world

of watching their flock by night, I’m sure it doesn’t make me a wise
man, but tonight my kids and I are celebrating a Blue Christmas by
heading to the Nashville Coliseum to cheer for the Titans (even though the Grinch stole their season). If you’re watching on TV
tonight, we’ll be the crazy fans covered from head-to-toe in
fleece as a tribute to flocks of lamb

Update: That game was a series of really bad one

It wasn’t the cold that made the fans start covering
their faces with ski masks.

The Titans defense’ was so bad it reminded
me of the song, “Oh holey night.”

Speaking of songs, have you ever
heard the novelty song, “Grandma got ran over by a reindeer?”
Obviously, grandma was being guarded by the Titans’ offensive line.

you hear Pixar is planning a movie about this Titans season called “The
Incredibly Bads”?

Okay. Got that out of my system.
They’ll be back.

(via: BoingBoing)