Need to use those gift certficates

Need to use those gift certficates? The NYT today reviews the colossal and complete collection of New Yorker cartoons published recently.


”The Complete Cartoons of The New Yorker,” (is) a coffee-table book so broad and thick that it doesn’t need a table under it because it’s its own table — just bolt on legs. And the book might have been even larger, its editor, Robert Mankoff, writes. Of more than 68,000 pieces of art that could have been included in its pages, only about 2,000 have been printed on paper, while the rest are reproduced on two CD’s attached to the inside of the front cover. The book is an astonishing object, still. The thought that all (or even just all the best) New Yorker cartoons can be gathered in one volume means that the set isn’t infinite after all. It’s like finding out there are only so many sad songs or only so many attractive blondes.