’s top magazines, 2004’s top selling magazines, 2004: has two lists of “top magazines of 2004”:

Top 10 magazines (customers):

1. Wired
2. People
3. Sports Illustrated
4. Sports Illustrated for Kids
5. O: The Oprah Magazine
6. InStyle
7. Cosmopolitan
8. Newsweek
9. Smithsonian
10. Cooking Light

Top 10 magazine (editors):

1. Shop Etc.
2. Cargo
3. Low Carb Living
4. Tracks
5. Men’s Health Best Life
6. One2One Living
7. Bantanga Magazine
8. Snowboard Journal
9. Suede
10. Cottage Living

The most discouraging piece of information found in the links to those magazines is that it will take up to 16 weeks for some of the subscriptions to kick in.

(via: and the incredible list of 2004 lists being compiled by Rex Sorgatz.)

2 thoughts on “’s top magazines, 2004

  1. I subscribe to Wired, People, InStyle and Cooking Light – so I agree there. I was surprised that NewsWeek won over Time though. (I have a subscription to Time only because by Book magazine went belly up and they finished my subscription with Time instead. But I did think, in general, that Time was ranked above NewsWeek.) And I was pretty shocked by the Sports Illustrated for Kids too.

  2. I get both Time & Newsweek. Come to think of it, I get both of them twice: at home and at work. No offense, Time friends, but I’d have to give the nod to Newsweek these days. More wit and voice…and more timely on their trend watching. However, Time is the only magazine to which I have had an uninterrupted subscription (at least, a family one) for my entire life, even during college. Time, more than any magazine, is responsible for my love of the medium.

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