Jingle, jingle

Jingle, jingle: Amazon.com said today that consumer electronics was its best selling product category this Christmas season, surpassing even books, the products most associated with the company.

And what were the leading consumer electronic items sold? The Apple 20GB iPod, the Apple 4GB Silver Mini iPod, the Phillips DVP642 DivX Progressive Scan DVD player, the iTunes $15 prepaid Card and the Canon PowerShot SD 110 3MP Digital Elph camera.

Coming later: Apple’s secret sauce: Why I believe no iPod killer will soon kill the iPod.

(via: MacDaily News)

2 thoughts on “Jingle, jingle

  1. Is Amazon so closely associated with books anymore? It was when it started out, since it sold nothing but books then. But in my mind, it’s long since branched out to far more than books. I think of them as department store now.

  2. As this is the first time another category has out-sold books, I think the rest of the world is catching up with how you view them. Certainly, their stock market valuation recognizes that investors see their potential far beyond the realm of books…but, still, they are selling a few zillion dollars of books.

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