Let’s hope not

Let’s hope not: Patrick Ruffini asks, “Are we on the verge of a dot-blog boom? (and subsequent bust?).


A market-fueled dot blog boom may strike many as overdone, much as the original dot com boom was — but we have to remember this: it’s bigger than us now. The blogosphere is becoming a proxy for the reinvention of the Internet because it offers something the original didn’t: personalized two-way communication. The Internet’s initial innovation was to offer impersonal websites to substitute for the often cumbersome, but more personal, ways we gathered information before — talking with salespeople on the phone, or going to the library. People now want something that’s at once personal and information-rich. Power users don’t want to go to Microsoft’s corporate web site. They want to go to blogs written by Microsoft programmers where they can interact directly with the company and others like them.

Since his post is in the form of a question, here’s my answer: No and yes. I do think we’re on the verge of something very big, but I don’t think it will be the boom-bust, going-public, fooz-ball start-up, repeat of the 90s. I’m hoping we’re on the verge of something where this time, we get to do it right. However, I do sense one of those subtle shifts in the air when fear starts being replaced by greed. I guess it doesn’t help that we’ve already had our first example in 2004 of a person going from a start up blog venture (I won’t mention names but the initials are E-V) to sailing the seas with a rumored (I have my sources) few tens of millions.

More thoughts on this later.