A limit on giving?

A limit on giving? When one of the seven readers of this weblog tried to make a generous contribution to the Red Cross tsunami relief fund via the links here, she received the following Amazon.com message:

“We Are Unable to Process Your Payment: Thank you for using the Amazon Honor System! Unfortunately, we are unable to process your payment at this time because you have exceeded your monthly transaction limit. Much like a credit card limit, there are limits on the total payments you can make in a given period. The limits on Honor System payments are fixed so your maximum cannot be increased. However, because your limit is calculated on a rolling cycle, you should be able to make additional payments soon!”

As the donor was using an American Express card with no limit, I suggest the Amazon.com folks may want to look into their limitation rules for contributions.

In the meantime, here is a direct link to the page on the Red Cross site where one can contribute (select “international response fund”). I’m sure they’ll accept whatever amount you and your credit card company deem appropriate.

2 thoughts on “A limit on giving?

  1. I got my somewhat generous donation through at 3:30 or so, using your link.

    And remember folks, get your charitable contributions in before 12/31!

  2. Thank you…and to the others who have e-mailed me about theirs. After viewing a few minutes of CNN tonight, I have made an additional contribution. This is truly a horrific tragedy that I can’t comprehend.

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