Welcome Gaylord Hotels Music City Bowl Presented by Bridgestone

Welcome Gaylord Hotels Music City Bowl Presented by Bridgestone (GHMCBPBB) Fans: As hard as it may be for the seven readers of this weblog to believe, on New Years Eve (the day after tomorrow) a near sell-out crowd of over 60,000 fans will crowd into the Nashville Coliseum to attend a college football game that has a name too long to fit on the scoreboard, the GHMCBPBB. Don’t worry. If you can’t make it to Nashville, you can view it on ESPN at noon (EST – 11 a.m., local time).

I thought I would mention the GHMCBPBB so that anyone googling words like “what to do in Nashville on new years eve” could be directed to a couple of “what to do in Nashville” posts I made in the past: here and here (see comments).

Also, I wanted to invite the GHMCBPBB fans to a fairly recent Music City New Year’s Eve-nt, a downtown mini-festival twangfest. It includes a Gaylord Entertainment Center arena concert by Toby Keith (I think the highlight is a laser light show in which he kicks the Dixie Chicks through the roof). And this year the Wild Horse Saloon has a big party featuring a new country music star whose name sounds confusingly like a big superstar, I think it’s Shania Twainlette or something.

But wait: there’s more. A block away, at Riverfront Park, you can attend the Korbel All-American New Years Eve Bash which is featuring a giant guitar dropping ala “Times Square ball” at midnight and a lineup that includes Lee Greenwood, Ronnie Milsap, Chely Wright (fresh from slappin down the Clear Channel man) and (reality TV show star) Brad Cotter. (Just to prove I’m not making this stuff up, you can watch it on Fox News’ special coverage called “A Red State, Redneck New Years”).

I know you’re asking, “But what are you, Rex, going to do this New Year’s Eve?” (You were, weren’t you?) Unlike the typical New Year’s Eve on which I try to be in bed by 9:30, this year I am actually heading downtown to the twangfest with family and friends to what I consider the coolest possible way ever to spend the evening: At the Ryman Auditorium with The Del McCoury Band & Friends. For the record, some of the “friends,” King Wilkie, are also friends of mine.

Realizing that the downtown twangfest is not everyone’s cut of tee-bone, I’m sending out a plea for some suggestions to Music City (and Memphis) nightlife blogger of the year (a new award from the rexblog), Mr. Roboto of Thursday Night Fever. Okay, Mr. R. (and others), what should the GHMCBPBB fans do who aren’t into the twang scene? (Note: From a post he just made on his weblog, I see that Mr. Roboto is so tired of all this crazy-wild GHMCPBB scene, he is spending New Year’s Eve in a calmer spot this year, New Orleans.)

Update: Mr. Roboto came through with his list of things to do. He also pointed to the Nashville Rage’s comprehensive listing of things to do.

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  1. Great minds blog alike. Before I depart the Music City, I’ll run a post detailing some fun things to do in downtown and post some text of that in your comments.

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