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Magazine companies & blogging: Darren Rowse of ProBlogger has a good point: The biggest “blogging operation” in the world is not who you think it might be, not be a long, long shot. It’s When viewed only in the current context and change the word “guide” to Blogger and you’ve go a 700 blogger operation running on top of a Moveable Type platform. The bloggers are getting a minimum of $500 per month and their sites are being monitized by a “premium publisher” deal with Google.

I guess it’s only people who witnessed the cliff-diving of Primedia’s stock (that dates nearly exactly from the moment it purchased who will find it, what’s the word?, ironic. Also, I don’t have time to google it, but I recall back in earlier days, there was a class action lawsuit brought by some of the “guides” regarding the compensation relationship. I have no idea how the case ended up, but it may be of interest to review for those who are drawing up business plans that depend on the work of an army of bloggers.

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