Red Cross will direct all funds collected to tsunami relief

Red Cross will direct all funds collected to tsunami relief: Heading off any controversy like one it was involved in regarding the handling of contributions after September 11, the Red Cross has issued a press release assuring contributors that funds contributed for tsunami relief will be used for just that. “The American Red Cross will be as transparent as possible. I want to assure donors that their intent will be honored and their contributions to the International Response Fund will be used to meet the needs of earthquake victims in the days, week and months ahead,” American Red Cross President and CEO Marsha J. Evans said in a press release earlier today.

In the days following the September 11 attack, over one-half billion dollars was contributed to the Red Cross’ “Liberty Fund.” After first indicating that not all of the funds would go to the victims’ and their families, but rather would be used to prepare for future terrorist attacks, a public outcry led to a change in plans by the Red Cross.

In the first three days after the earthquake, the Red Cross said it had received $18 million in contributions. As of 11:55 p.m. tonight, the Red Cross contribution page was within $50,000 of $7 million from over 103,000 contributors.

2 thoughts on “Red Cross will direct all funds collected to tsunami relief

  1. Don’t believe the Red Cross on this. It is very well known within the Blood Products industry that the RC funnels lots of donations toward their own struggling and mismanaged bp division. This division sells–for profit–products called Panglobulin and Polygam. And now the RC is trying to buy another bp company to merge with their own. Just think how all your donations, meant for struggling east asia tsunami victims, will instead allow them to purchase another bp company. Then they’ll have an even bigger company to mismanage. If you want to be positive that your donations will help tsunami victims, give your money to some other organization. I’ve worked in the bp industry for years, and I know this org very well.

  2. I feel certain many watchful eyes will be following the $s on the tsunami relief fund contributions. “Transparency” is what the Red Cross has promised…and I am sure they will get the chance to back that promise up.

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