Vogue’s “shoppertainment” feature to launch in March

Vogue’s “shoppertainment” feature to launch in March: Longtime rexblog readers may recall that ast August, I declared the “Shop September” Vogue shoppertainment “the real deal” :

Quote from the rexblog, 8.26.04:

Okay. I will go on record. As I am noted for scoffing at technologies that on the surface appear awfully close to what’s going on here, notably the “CueCat” and “digital editions” of magazines, I would like to express what may be an unexpected thumbs up to the Vogue experiment. It works. I highly recommend magazine publishers go click around the site. It’s a helpful extension of the magazine…yet is a unique online experience as well. It is not goofy like the CueCat or clueless like I believe may be the case with PDF-ish digital replicas of print publications.

Today, the WSJ is reporting that in March, Vogue will launch shopvogue.com. The article makes it sound “newsworthy” that only fashion companies that advertise in Vogue’s March issue will be allowed to sell their wares on the site. (Am I missing something? Is that news? It’s a service that allows readers to purchase items appearing in the ads. So does it not seem obvious that if your ad does not appear in the magazine, you won’t have items appearing in an ad in the magazine.) As they took down the September version of the site, you can’t go try it out. If you could, you would see it is nothing like you think it is going to be, but a completely new, web-savvy user experience. I wish now that I had done some screen grabs.


As they could in September, visitors to shopvogue.com will be able to buy certain styles featured online by clicking a buy now icon on an advertiser’s online ad, assuming the ad is set up for electronic-commerce or linked to an e-commerce site. Otherwise, ads will provide information about bricks-and-mortar stores where the featured items can be purchased.