Third blogiversary

Third blogiversary: Today is the rexblog’s third anniversary. Here are some quick thoughts and a few announcements.

1. Today, I’m starting a link blog (I’m using currently) and will link to more magazine-related stories than I do currently. At the same time, I’ll be blogging less about magazines here. Trade off: more links to magazine news, less cheap shots (but they won’t go away).

2. This year, I’ll be blogging more about “coversational media” in the corporate context. I will be focusing especially on how traditional corporate and institutional print publishing relates to and works with such emerging tools and approaches as (of course) blogs and podcasting, and also video (vlogs & and IM-enabled video) and wikis.

3. At another URL, later this month I’ll be blogging a great deal about a topic I’m more known for in my day job: small business.

4. Speaking of my day job, today we’re launching a Hammock Publishing company blog called Hammorati at the URL We don’t know exactly what it will become, but we’re going to enjoy figuring it out in public. For example, last week when our offices were closed, we turned it over to coverage of a fire at a historic church attended by one of our editors. And today we started posting photos of friends who have sent us their photos wearing a Hammock Publishing tee-shirt. Steve Rubel and his wife, Lisa, are featured today.

5. Recently someone asked how many posts I’ve made on this blog and how many words I’ve written. As the permalink number does correspond with the number of posts, I haven’t a clue how many posts I’ve made. A lot. Does someone know a way to, on a manila site, track such things?

6. Another person asked if I had ever thought of compiling in print some of my favorite posts. Yes, I have. There was a service I saw once that offered to do that. But I lost the link. Anyone know how to do that?

7. I get lots of e-mail from people who ask why they can’t get to old links to they find on Google. I do know the answer to that: replace the part of the URL that has “rex.weblogs” with “rexblog” and the URL should work. I think the kind folks at Userland (where this blog is once again being hosted) may even have a way to re-direct those old links somewhere other than to blankness.

8. While I will continue to post photos here, I plan on using my flickr photo blog to post photos from my cell phone.

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