Tsunami response

Tsunami response: It’s amazing what you can do with a powerful “war machine.”

Like Jeff, I’m tuning out the misguided attempts by some to come up with moral or monetary equivalences to the tsunami and to suggest that we should cancel this or that and give the money to relief. Stop with the politicizing of this tragedy, people. Even Mark Cuban, my favorite billionaire blogger, has called for the cancellation of the presidential inauguration festivities so that funds can be diverted to tsunami relief. Huh? Why not call for the cancellation of the NBA season and take all the dollars advertisers have committed for broadcasting it and send those funds to tsunami relief? What, the advertisers won’t do that? Have you asked?

What will canceling a two hundred year old national celebration of democracy do to promote tsunami relief? Much better, gather all those barrons of industry together in D.C. in a few weeks and make them challenge each other to prove they can be more generous than each other. Let the President use his inaugural address to articulate our nation’s commitment to feeding those who hunger. Let’s agree this is a cause we can all agree on. This is not liberal or conservative. This is about 150,000+ men, women and children being killed without warning…and those left behind who are in desperate need.

(Remember to contribute to the American Red Cross or another of the agencies serving those in desperate need.)