Co-ed still means what I thought, sorta

Co-ed still means what I thought, sorta: You may recall back last October when I blogged a vaporzine called Co-ed and highlighted this quote:

“There is no one magazine aimed at both sexes, written by students for students,” says publisher David Allen Liebler…. He adds that the magazine will also be available in a digital format through its Web site and will offer advertisers a chance to target the readership through events on campus and during spring break.”

I asked then if the term “Co-ed” implied that it was not being aimed at “both” sexes (Silly me, I thought with a name like that it would be for female students.) Someone, I won’t say, suggested that my understanding to the term “co-ed” was perhaps a display of my advancing age. Oh, wait. It was me who suggested that.

So, now that the magazine is on the newsstands (Paul Colford calls it, “a quarterly with a high testosterone level (that) targets men on campus”) the name makes sense to me. What doesn’t make sense is that whole “we have no competition” fantasy on the part of its publishers.

Also on the college vaporzine front, Paul Colford mentions one called Cheat Sheet being developed by McNair Zimbalist (no relation to Steve, but the son of a well-known magazine executive and the grandson of Inspector Lewis Erskine, I mean, Efrem Zimbalist Jr.)

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  1. Advancing age indeed. Stopping by the magazine rack in a large supermarket chain that once made headlines by boasting it was covering up the titillating covers of some well-known women’s service books (but apparently no longer does, and certainly didn’t cover up equally racy covers on other mags), I was flummoxed by the boggling array of flavors of the month cover subjects. Talk about a feeding frenzy. “Stuff” for instance, ballhooed Lindsay Lohan, who has been on just about every mag cover lately except The Economist (and apparently will be on Co-Ed soon). Purely as a matter of professional research, I went looking to see what Stuff she had. It turned out to be a pic and about a half page of spoofy “rumors” – thus nicely promoting her first major CD. Cover blurb mission accomplished – they made me look.
    Fame is transitory, and I think Co-Ed and Stuff and others of this genre should all have links to a great Web site:

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