Correction: politicizing tsunami response can be okay

Correction: politicizing tsunami response can be okay: Last night, I said I agreed with Jeff Jarvis (who has 63 comments on this post – I don’t think I have 63 comments on three-years of posts) that mixing tsunami relief with politics is wrong. However, I just got an e-mail from a highly political source that indicates to me that an extremely effective political fundrasing machine is in the process of being cranked up to support the efforts of former Presidents Clinton and Bush via the USA Freedom Corps. I guess the “powers that be” have decided to respond to the “cancel the inauguration crowd” with a massive display of bi-partisan-cause-related-check-gathering.

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  1. Not only is mixing politics with the Tsunami-help-rage wrong, but also I can’t help but to be skeptical about where all of this money is going over there that is currently being raised. SE Asia is not developed in the same manner as the U.S., Europe, or any other “advanced” western civilization. The WSJ reported today (sorry no link due to the on line version being a paid service) that the economies of the hardest hit areas will recover quickly and that any negative economic impact will be short lived and barely noticeable in macro terms. Obviously, this is a human tragedy with thousands of lives lost. Will the victim’s families unite (such as with the World Trade Center families) and become politically active while receiving millions of dollars per vicitm for trust funds?? Is that where the Tsunami money will go after clean up? Show me a charity that will provide direct aid such as food, shelter, and clothing (with low overhead) to really needy families, and I’ll write a check tomorrow. All of this money floating around really brings out the cynic in me. Would that I were a bleeding liberal.

  2. Great point. However, I don’t think the per/victim trust fund math works at the scale of 150,000+ deaths…nor will their loss be measured in “macro terms.” However, Mark, as I know personally what a tremendous leader you’ve been in such activities as building homes for the poor and in leading the collection of a staggering amount of food and other resources for people in need here in Nashville, you’re certainly one whose “cynic meter” I respect.

  3. It is true how so much of the funds that the US sends to these 3rd world countries is not controlled by monitors to see the money to get where its needs to go. Its just kaos with people that may not even been educated how to manage all the new funds and how much greed their is out there we all know that. Thats why some counties without mentioning have a upperclass & then the poverty of poverty & no middle class. But you even read of orphanages that receive gifts & donations and are put in the spotlight in the media so people feel good but the next day they are taken away and sold. And yes how do we know. The people of the world have the basic of needs & we need to keep helping as we are so fortunate, but to find the right place & the right venue. I will keep giving but look for the most proven reputable place we can. I am sorry too that politics is in the mix & hope there can be a solution. Hope to here more comments & ideas to be involved.

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