Shut-up juice

Shut-up juice: The USC rout of Oklahoma (it’s four minutes into the third quarter of the Orange Bowl and it’s 45-10, and I’m tuning out) is making me think Auburn is lucky the current BCS system exists. When I hear the Oklahoma or USC fight songs (and they’re both classics), I have flashbacks of Jim McKay or Curt Gowdy. Unfortunately, I can’t watch the Trojans without thinking of O.J. (someone I swore I’d forget). I guess it just goes with being my age.

One thought on “Shut-up juice

  1. You’ve forced me to comment. To me, the USC rout proves that just because teams start at the top of the polls doesn’t mean they should stay there all season. I’m not proclaiming that Auburn could have beaten USC,just that perhaps Oklahoma shouldn’t have been there in the first place. To quote my favorite president, Bring them on.

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