Yet another misguided “moral & monetary” equivalency exercise

Yet another misguided “moral & monetary” equivalency exercise: I would have ignored this psuedostatistic from the blogger psuedorandom had it not be Boing-Boing-alanched and, therefore, given some sort of blessing of authority. The comparison of the Iraq war budget with the amount of funds committed by the U.S. government to date for tsunami relief is, yet again, a misguided attempt to politicize (and make partisan) something we should all support.

Start down this path and you can “put things in perspective” about anything you want. (The value of pirated music vs. how much those who listen to pirated music have contributed to tsunami relief, How much Americans spend on hair gel compared with how much they contribute to tsunami relief.)

Please, 150,000+ people have been killed. As much as you hate him, George W. Bush didn’t cause the earthquake. Let’s save that argument for another day.