Southwest expanding into Pittsburg

Southwest expanding into Pittsburg(h): For someone like me, who spends many hours of each year on a Southwest jet, the news being reported by the WSJ this afternoon, is significant. However, I never really travel to Pittsburg(h). Dear Southwest, please fly into Newark or Kennedy…and then into a city along the pan handle of Florida, anywhere from Mobile to Panama City would be just fine.

Update: What the “h” with my spelling of Pittsburgh?

5 thoughts on “Southwest expanding into Pittsburg

  1. I heard the SWA CEO interviewed this a.m. on the radio. He says they are looking for overpriced, underserved markets.

    I got two words for him:

  2. Rex, you are one of my favorite editors but you made a mistake that makes a Steel City-born lad like me crazy. Unless SWA is going to Kansas or California you are missing an “h” in Pittsburgh.

  3. Jeff, you should know. I guess this means I’ll have to cheer for the Steelers in the playoffs.

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