The Scene’s test blog

The Scene’s test blog: Nashville nightlife blogger Mr. Roboto is apparently getting his request for Nashville media to start blogging granted. He blogged this pre-launch test blog of the Nashville Scene. Apparently there were some posts up earlier, but apparently Mr. Roboto is still recovering from his long weekend in New Orleans and apparently didn’t think to record a screen grab.

3 thoughts on “The Scene’s test blog

  1. There were actually 3 days of dummy posts, testing block quotes, various fonts, and other little tricks. Busy Mom had commented yesterday, but, today, as soon as I left a comment, all the content disappeared.

    I was suprised that it all disappeared, or else I would have done a screen grab. It was all very unnewsworthy gobbledygook.

  2. Laura, perhaps using a behind the firewall development server is a quaint notion that only folks like us still follow.

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