Death wish, Part II

Death wish, II: Remember yesterday when I said there is a new in-car rolling wi-fi that “people are dying to have.” Well, Delphi and Comcast are also working on another death-inducing technology, sort of an in-car cable TV.

And you thought people talking on their cell-phone were dangerous. Just wait until the guy behind the wheel in the car (or 18-wheeler) next to you on the Interstate is talking on his cell phone, blogging and watching ESPN Sports Center, all at the same time. (Come to think of it, except for the driving part, I do that all the time.)

(via: Rafat Ali, who has returned from his wedding and honeymoon just in time to attend the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, which is exactly the situation that someone had in mind when he or she came up with the phrase, “that’s going from the sublime to the ridiculous.”)