When lovemarks are clueless, Part II

When lovemarks are clueless, Part II: As I blogged last month, I just hate it when one of my lovemarks files a lawsuit against one of my cluetrain sources.

Quote from cnet’s news.com:

Apple on Tuesday sued the publisher of Mac enthusiast site Think Secret and other unnamed individuals, alleging that recent postings on the site contain Apple trade secrets, according to court documents seen by CNET News.com.

I guess those rumors must be true.

(via: NorthwestNoise.com)

Southwest expanding into Pittsburg

Southwest expanding into Pittsburg(h): For someone like me, who spends many hours of each year on a Southwest jet, the news being reported by the WSJ this afternoon, is significant. However, I never really travel to Pittsburg(h). Dear Southwest, please fly into Newark or Kennedy…and then into a city along the pan handle of Florida, anywhere from Mobile to Panama City would be just fine.

Update: What the “h” with my spelling of Pittsburgh?


Cannibalzine: The owner of the circulation-free-falling TV Guide is planning to launch Inside TV, a mass-market magazine devoted to TV shows and their stars. Wow. I guess this should shut-up all you so-called experts who claim there’s no more out-of-the-box thinking at big media companies.

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Yet another misguided “moral & monetary” equivalency exercise

Yet another misguided “moral & monetary” equivalency exercise: I would have ignored this psuedostatistic from the blogger psuedorandom had it not be Boing-Boing-alanched and, therefore, given some sort of blessing of authority. The comparison of the Iraq war budget with the amount of funds committed by the U.S. government to date for tsunami relief is, yet again, a misguided attempt to politicize (and make partisan) something we should all support.

Start down this path and you can “put things in perspective” about anything you want. (The value of pirated music vs. how much those who listen to pirated music have contributed to tsunami relief, How much Americans spend on hair gel compared with how much they contribute to tsunami relief.)

Please, 150,000+ people have been killed. As much as you hate him, George W. Bush didn’t cause the earthquake. Let’s save that argument for another day.

Technorati adds features, but I have a complaint regarding an old one

Technorati adds features, but I have a complaint regarding an old one: While Technorati keeps adding features (here’s a new pubsub-like one via Joi Ito), I wish they’d fix an old one. My “links from sources” cosmos statistics have been stuck on the same numbers for months. On the back of an envelop I can count up more incoming links and sources. Even the cosmos of my weblog’s defunct address continues to grow faster than its current one and it’s been a dead end URL since July.