Martha Stewart catalog & etailing shutting down with bluelight, no, wait, red tag special

Martha Stewart catalog & e-tailing shutting down with bluelight, no, wait, red tag special: It appears that when they had a “going away” party for Martha Stewart at her company, they enjoyed it so much, they’re having one for her direct-mail and “e-tailing” operations also. (Or, perhaps they’re getting back at her for losing that decorating contest at prison.)

Here is the announcement on the “Martha Stewart for Living Catalog” website:

As you may know, we are closing our catalog and online store in February. …

We have enjoyed discovering and creating beautiful, unique items for you over the past eight years. As always, you will be able to find our high-quality products through, the Martha Stewart Everyday collection at Kmart, and Martha Stewart Signature. We encourage you to look for gifts, cookware, and home furnishings through those stores in the future.

Hurry, there’s a 70% off “red tag” sale while supplies lasts.


Why doesn’t someone tell me these things?

Why doesn’t someone tell me these things? Okay, so I was away from this weblog most of the day, and what happens? The Washington Post’s Howard Kurtz gives me a shout out. He quotes and points to my retort to Mark Cuban’s call for the cancellation of inauguration festivities. No way. Were it not for a vanity glance at traffic stats, I’d have missed that one.

Update: My vanity glance at traffic stats also uncovered a link to the rexblog on the same topic from a blogger in Germany called “der spindoktor,” who says in the sentence pointing this way, “Das geht Bloggern weiter rechts natürlich gegen den Strich.” Which means in English, according to Google, “That can be done to Bloggern further right naturally against the line.” Which I couldn’t have said better myself.

Quick, Nashvillians. Do some crunches

Quick, Nashvillians. Do some crunches: It may come as a surprise to you (it did to me) that my hometown is one of the 25 Fittest Cities in America. (Okay, we’re 25th, but that still counts.) But if we don’t shed a few lbs. or something, we may drop off the list next year.

From the chart below, you can see where we need improvement. Only a B in alcohol? Jack Daniels is rolling over in his grave. TV watching, D. Last year, we got an F (we’re slipping). Speaking of last year, how were we able to move up from a “D” last year to a “C” this year in geography? Has something changed about our geography that I’m missing? Are they now counting Nashville Shores as a beach?

(source: Men’s Health Magazine.)

Why (insert name here) won’t kill iPod/iTunes (continued)

Why (insert name here) won’t kill iPod/iTunes (continued): On December 29, I warned new iPod owners to prepare themselves for the onslaught of news about iPod killers.

Here is today’s version of that story:

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Microsoft Corp. may try to strike a deal with Japan’s Sony Corp. in an effort to compete with Apple Computer Inc. in the digital music arena, the Wall Street Journal reported Thursday.

What I said on December 28, 2004, is still true. Microsoft and Sony (especially Microsoft and Sony) will not kill the iPod anytime soon and this is why they won’t.

This just in

From the Franco-Arafat School of reporting: From one of this weblog’s seven readers comes this breaking news story found today on the website,

“Faceoff continues between and Sprint

By Lance Orr

Representatives from both parties say there are no new developments in’s lawsuit against Sprint Communications.

“I’m not aware of any change,” said Scott Moscrip, owner and

“Nothing has changed. The parties are only working on a scheduling order
that will be presented to the courts,” said Debra Peterson, a communication
manager for Sprint. “

Thanks for that update.