Quick, Nashvillians. Do some crunches

Quick, Nashvillians. Do some crunches: It may come as a surprise to you (it did to me) that my hometown is one of the 25 Fittest Cities in America. (Okay, we’re 25th, but that still counts.) But if we don’t shed a few lbs. or something, we may drop off the list next year.

From the chart below, you can see where we need improvement. Only a B in alcohol? Jack Daniels is rolling over in his grave. TV watching, D. Last year, we got an F (we’re slipping). Speaking of last year, how were we able to move up from a “D” last year to a “C” this year in geography? Has something changed about our geography that I’m missing? Are they now counting Nashville Shores as a beach?

(source: Men’s Health Magazine.)

2 thoughts on “Quick, Nashvillians. Do some crunches

  1. Here’s my favorite part of the whole thing. In fact, I’m nominating this for your bogus stats Hall of Fame on this one note alone:

    We got an F in “Exercise/Sports Participation” but we’re still on the fittest cities list?


  2. I was wondering what the hell kind of curve they grade on. Obviously it’s quite a profound curve. As for the changes in geography, attribute that to all the homebuilding and development – there’s less geography to deal with.

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