Why doesn’t someone tell me these things?

Why doesn’t someone tell me these things? Okay, so I was away from this weblog most of the day, and what happens? The Washington Post’s Howard Kurtz gives me a shout out. He quotes and points to my retort to Mark Cuban’s call for the cancellation of inauguration festivities. No way. Were it not for a vanity glance at traffic stats, I’d have missed that one.

Update: My vanity glance at traffic stats also uncovered a link to the rexblog on the same topic from a blogger in Germany called “der spindoktor,” who says in the sentence pointing this way, “Das geht Bloggern weiter rechts natürlich gegen den Strich.” Which means in English, according to Google, “That can be done to Bloggern further right naturally against the line.” Which I couldn’t have said better myself.

3 thoughts on “Why doesn’t someone tell me these things?

  1. the Bull Moose — http://www.bullmooseblog.com/ — has reached a little further back to FDR’s wartime inaugurations to find a more apropos example of shared sacrifice. Bosnia and Rwanda don’t map against WWII or the current war: Americans are dying and being maimed for life and it’s all about the partying? We can do better than that, surely.

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