Martha Stewart catalog & etailing shutting down with bluelight, no, wait, red tag special

Martha Stewart catalog & e-tailing shutting down with bluelight, no, wait, red tag special: It appears that when they had a “going away” party for Martha Stewart at her company, they enjoyed it so much, they’re having one for her direct-mail and “e-tailing” operations also. (Or, perhaps they’re getting back at her for losing that decorating contest at prison.)

Here is the announcement on the “Martha Stewart for Living Catalog” website:

As you may know, we are closing our catalog and online store in February. …

We have enjoyed discovering and creating beautiful, unique items for you over the past eight years. As always, you will be able to find our high-quality products through, the Martha Stewart Everyday collection at Kmart, and Martha Stewart Signature. We encourage you to look for gifts, cookware, and home furnishings through those stores in the future.

Hurry, there’s a 70% off “red tag” sale while supplies lasts.