Blogging has become “the first draft of history”

Blogging has become “the first draft of history”: On Poynteronline, Steve Outing makes a convincing point that the tsunami coverage has been the “tipping point” of citizens journalism.


What September 11, 2001, was to setting off the growth and enhanced reputation of blogs, the December 2004 tsunamis are to the larger notion of citizen journalism (of which blogs are a part).

(via: Dan Gillmor, who used the “first draft of history” line that also sprung to my mind when I blogged the meeting with the President long ago)

One thought on “Blogging has become “the first draft of history”

  1. The comment derives from the late Washington Post publisher Philip Graham’s description of journalism as “the first draft of history.” One hopes bloggers will aspire to, and be held to, standards of truth and accuracy at least as high as those for mainstream media. Wait, let’s hope they aim much, much higher.

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