iSue – First pictures/video of headless iMac branded iHome

iSue – First pictures/video of headless iMac branded iHome: (I’m convinced now this is a wonderful prank, see update VI) (It’s just come to my attention that this has not hit /. or most of the Mac rumor sites, so you’d better hurry and see it before the site is overrun. I’m trying to figure out how to mirror it, but am heading out the door If that other link doesn’t work, I’ve mirrored it here — for academic purposes only, of course.) If Apple is suing a blogger for spreading the rumor there is going to be a “headless iMac,” I wonder what they’re going to do to the person who just released this photo and video of the iHome? (via: well, I can’t reveal my sources, sorry.)

Update: I have no idea whether or not these photos are legitimate or not (hey, what do you think I am, a journalist?). I have set up a mirror page of the linked-to page and will link to it momentariliy.)

Update II: Again, for the record, I am not actually blogging the rumor that this is legit. I am merely blogging the phenomenon of the release of this real or hoax set of photos/video, that I have mirrored here for academic purposes, only.

Update III via Tim Germer ( , follow the blogosphere’s coverage of these real or fake photos at this technorati watchlist for the word iHome.

Update IV: At 8:57 p.m., EST, engadget joins in the speculation: real or fake?

Update V: Gizmodo joins in (no time stamp).

Update VI: By midnight, some severe fisking is taking place on the Macrumors forum and, inspired by Rathergate, they run the photo through Microsoft word and discover some, well, unMac-like things. Tim Germer and I declare, “fake.” Oh well, I’m sure the real deal will be much cooler.

Update VII: However, the pictured iHome already has some pre-orders.

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  1. When was the last time Apple put the name of the product on the product? I believe that was the Mac Classic/Color Classic. If you count model numbers, the PowerPCs that predate the G3. If this is supposed to be headless, people will put a monitor on top of that logo or mount it sideways (as the rumors have been saying) and voila, sideways name… Just something to think.

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