Whad’ ya’ll know?

Whad’ ya’ll know? Two 14-year-olds and I were in the audience this morning with Michael Feldman’s Whad’Ya Know? came to Nashville for the first time. I was amazed by the turn-out, a full-house downstairs at TPAC’s Jackson Hall and apparently a big crowd in the balcony as well, so we’re talking, 2,000+ public radio listeners from Tennessee, southern Kentucky and northern Alabama Despite the red state location, it was a decidedly blue-state audience based on what punchlines got the biggest laughs. The show was fun and it was fascinating (in an anachronistic way) to be in the audience of a live nationally-broadcast radio program.

But then, Nashville is unique when it comes to large-audience live radio programs. A person can still attend the Grand Ole Opry every Sad’dee-nite (and Fridays and some Tuesdays). However, the best (and for me, only) time to attend the Opry, is January and February, when the show returns to the Ryman Auditorium. Any concert at the Ryman is special (okay, there are obvious exceptions – scroll down to April 11), but there’s something almost eerily nostalgic about attending the Grand Ole Opry there. A museum-quality event will be February 4-5 when Dolly Parton plays the Opry at the Ryman with the young bluegrass band she’s touring with currently, the Grascals. Yee-haa.

5 thoughts on “Whad’ ya’ll know?

  1. I’ve tried for years to like Whadyano, but for some reason, it consistently turns me off. Feldman comes across to me as smarmy and condescending. The longest I’ve ever listened to it was when my friend – author and humorist (and amazingly, a darn good songwriter as well) – Michael Perry was on to plug his book Population 485 http://www.sneezingcow.com. And that time I was listening to the archived show online, so I could skip ahead. But then I never got Seinfeld either, so what do I know?

  2. Well Bill I like Seinfeld and I’m lukewarm to middling on Feldman. Now the other day, around the end of the year, they were doing some 30-year retrospective on Garrison Keillor and I tuned in during the middle. So I was for about 1 minute under the impression that he had met an untimely demise, and I almost fainted. Seriously. I was MUCH relieved to discover that we were all just celebrating his great genius. But Feldman? Eh. I like the quiz. I tune in when I’m home. But I never, ever miss PHC.

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