Free iTunes sampler

Free iTunes sampler: I’ve seen reports that iPod users who upgrade their software are being offered a free 13-song sampler from iTunes. However, all I did was click on this iTunes link and reached a free 13-tune sampler offer. Heck, I think Apple should make the iTunes platform this easy for any artist to distribute music free if they so choose. There should be hundreds, thousands of free downloads available on iTunes by artists wanting to use this channel to be heard.


2 thoughts on “Free iTunes sampler

  1. Some people also may not be aware that there is a free single download in the iTMS every week. I’ve downloaded just under 60 songs for free. There are some great songs that I downloaded free then several weeks later became hits. Then there are some other songs that I’ve either passed on or wish I passed on.

  2. By the way, the free download this week is Undone a cut from a new album from Owsley, a Nashville-based guitarist-singer-songwriter “flexing his pop songwriting muscles,” according to the iTunes “playlist notes.”

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