Jason and the whinernauts

Jason and the whinernauts: I’m on record implying Apple is rotten to the core for suing a blogger, but still, why would Steve Jobs give a rat’s ass whether or not Jason Calacanis shuts down his “unofficial” Apple weblog. You want unofficial Apple weblogging? Then subscribe to the RSS feed of everything tagged Apple on all del.icio.us sites, and you’ll learn what “conversational media” is really about and be able to start your own unofficial Apple weblog.

I mean, really, if Bill Gates doesn’t, care about Jason Calacanis’s weblogs, why should Jobs? (I’m sorry, I almost said something overly snark-infested.)

Bottom line: Apple is stupid for suing Think Secret and Jason’s letter is a transparent stunt to get linked to…and it’s working, I suppose.

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Update: Ouch. Felix Salmon shears Jason’s fleece oh so much better than the two-bit cuts in my post. Among his golden barbs: “ThinkSecret gets about 2.7 million pageviews per day, while tuaw.com gets, well, nothing, really.” (via: Jeff Jarvis at BuzzMachine.com)

One thought on “Jason and the whinernauts

  1. >> Jason’s letter is a transparent stunt
    >> to get linked to…

    No, it wasn’t. It was how I honestly feel. My personal only gets 10-20k page views a day. If I wanted to get a bunch of links I would have posted it to http://www.tuaw.com and http://www.engadget.com.

    I don’t need any press or links, I write about what I’m feeling. I feel Steve Jobs is being a bully, and it seems I’m not alone (you, Jeff, Dan and the EFF agree with me after!).

    If my letter gets linked to and that gets the letter in the hands of folks at Apple, their PR firm–or gasp!–Steve himself great. If not, I’m not losing sleep over it.

    best jason

    PS – TUAW doesn’t get no traffic. It’s a new blog, and it is getting 30-40k page views a day. That’s not so bad, and I’m sure it will grow over the next year to the level of traffic close to ThinkSecret. Also, ThinkSecret may have gotten 2.7M on ONE DAY, but they are not getting 75M+ page views a month–not even close to that.

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