A new term for the desire not to call a blog a blog – Feavering

A new term for the desire not to call a blog a blog – Feavering: The Washington Post’s Howard Kurtz discovered that blog is a bad word when he read in Editor & Publisher that the executive editor of Washingpost.com, Doug Feaver, said, “we’re going to have to call them something else,” as “blogs” carries “baggage” with some newspaper editors.

Where does one start? With what it reveals when one is more concerned about editors’ feelings than with readers’ understanding? No. That’s too obvioius.

So I’ll just mention how arrogant it appears when folks from the old world show up on the shores of a new -osphere and immediately begin to place a value-judgement on the language and culture of the aboriginals. Sort of like missionaries intent on converting the savages. Feaver (isn’t there some baggage with a name that sounds like an illness?) and news editors can call them anything they want. But let me mix a few metaphors and say, simply, the blog was let out of the barn too long ago for any of you guys to do something about any “baggage” the term may carry. Give up, people. By the way, neither can you turn back the clock and rename e-mail, IM, or the web. And while I’m thinking about it, doesn’t that .com at the end of WashingtonPost.com sound sorta, you know, baggaged by the whole dot-com thing?

(via: Jeff Jarvis at buzzmachine.com)