Instantly discover, does the library have that Amazon book?

How to instantly discover if the Nashville Library has a book you find at (A service the library may not know it provides): The following incredible tool may have been around a while, but since I first ran across it a few days ago, I’ve been asking, “How th’ heck did I miss that?”

Jon Udell has created a “bookmarklet” (here’s my lame definition of a “bookmarklet” – a utility triggered by clicking on a bookmark/favorite link in your browser’s tool bar) that allows you to, when you’re viewing an book page, to click and launch a look-up in your library’s online catalog. (Libraries use difference services to web-enable their catalogs. Udell provides a means to look up your library here.) After you find your library listing on the directory page, you simply drag its link to your browser’s bookmark/favorite tool bar.

For example, for the Nashville Public Library, drag the following link to your toolbar: book-lookup. Then, when you’re viewing an book product page, just click on that bookmark, and, like magic, a window will launch that will reveal whether or not the book (w/ that ISBN) is in the library’s collection and, in the case of the Nashville Library, the book’s status.

After seeing this, I think Jon Udell is worthy of one of those MacArthur “genius awards” or something.

(via: 43 folders whose comments on this related post is a discussion of creating an RSS feed hack that would alert the user of their library books requested, overdue, etc.)