iPiphany day

iPiphany day: Another reason it’s nice to be a member of the mac orthodox church. You get to celebrate a second Christmas in early January. Or, as I like to call it, iPiphany day, when the wise men from Cupertino unveil this year’s frankincense and myrrh. For weeks, the mac orthodox kids have been looking in closets and attics and shaking the packages sitting under the tree, trying to figure what’s inside. Watch out kids: If you do that, Santa may try to roast your chestnuts on an open fire. Have we been naughty or nice? Will we get our wishes granted? Will those dreams of a white (headless) iPiphany day come true? Nestle down, kids.

Update: Without webcast this year, here’s bullet-point streaming from MacNN. Favorite news for me, so far: iChat videoconferencing with up to 10 people, simultaneously.