iPod Shuffle

iPod Shuffle: Are people passing out in the aisles at Macworld? The iPod Shuffle, the long-rumored “flash” iPod. “Smaller than most packs of gum.” Works like a USB flash drive: 1GB for $149, 512MB for $99. No screen. Can also be used for flash key drive. Starts shipping today. (The question at my house will be: Can it survive a trip through the washing machine and dryer?)

Update: iPod Lounge side-by-side-by-side photo of the iPod, iPod mini and iPod Shuffle.

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  1. There was no actual passing out, but it did seem for a while like there would be no end to the announcements. I had hoped to live blog the event, but found myself without the available AirPort access I had usually enjoyed in the hall.

  2. hm. ok, so they are selling on price point, basically giving consumers a taste of the merchandise hoping they will upgrade as soon as they fill up the memory – about 4 hours after they start loading songs, if the experience at a custom publishing firm in Nashville is any guide. A time-honored technique, to be sure. Or am I missing something more subtle but important to this announcement?

  3. This is just the third of lots of products that will be branded iPod and that will be “enabled” by the iPod/iTunes platform. Jobs announced today that Motorola will have an iPod phone in the spring and several auto companies have announced iPod features. I predict there will be sunglasses enabled w/ iPod and waterproof swimming gogles w/ iPod before long. So, this is not about upgrading, it’s about “line extension”

  4. Ah, thanks for clarifying. I’m involved in helping my town get a new public library, and one of the improvements I’d like to see is some kind of music “room” where people could encounter new types of music. (This hearkens back to my discovery of classical music my first year at college in the listening room of its library.) In those days, music came from individual turntables and there was always a wait. It occurs that some kind of iTunes server with an Airport Express kind of setup would be an excellent way to make that possible, and even to embrace local musicians and singers efforts – we were, after all, hometown of American Idol almost-winner KimberleyLocke

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