Apples and oranges



Robert Scoble compares the Mac mini with a computer from WalMart and, well, appears to miss the whole point of the product.

Apples and oranges: I think I just saw a post where Microsoft blogger Robert Scoble actually attempts to compare the Mac Mini with this computer you can purchase at Walmart for less than $500. His point: with the Walmart computer, you get lots of stuff you don’t get with a Mac Mini.


Surely Robert, whose insights are typically keen, doesn’t think a MacMini customer will be comparing those two products. The MacMini is not a product for someone who wants to purchase a computer “system” from WalMart, rather it is for someone who has a Windows machine sitting on their desk, but who really wants a Mac.

Programming note: And with this post, I have concluded my annual celebration of iPiphany and will move on with my life. No more Apple-related blogging for a while, I hope.