Magazine-owned blogs

Magazine-owned blogs: I’ve added some new magazine-owned-and-operated weblogs to the related blogroll category on the left of each page of the rexblog. (Also, I’m adding new Nashville blogs as Bill Hobbs discovers them.) Yesterday, BusinessWeek launched some, as blogged by Steve Rubel:

“The Tech Beat,” a blog covering the innovations, trends, and dustups in the
world of technology, is written by BusinessWeek Online’s Jim Kerstetter and
Olga Kharif, and BusinessWeek Magazine’s Stephen
Baker, Peter Burrows, Steve Hamm, and Rob Hof. “Deal Flow” is a blog where BusinessWeek Magazine’s Justin Hibbard
and Online’s Sarah Lacy comment on dealings inside the venture capital

Also there’s a personal finance/investing one called Well Spent and a marketing-advertising one called Brand New Day.

While BusinessWeek offers several RSS feeds, and, I’m sure there are individual feeds to each blog, I’m having trouble easily locating them; perhaps they should add an RSS or XML icon to the page.

Quick reviews: All are great previews of “what magazines will be doing with blogs.”

Know of other magazine-owned blogs. Email me and I’ll add them to my blogroll.