Wow, a new WSJ column just for me

Wow, a new WSJ column just for me: It’s no secret that I believe 9-out-of-10 reporters flunked statistics. So, I am an instant fan of The Numbers Guy (free link) by Carl Bialik, a new column about “the way numbers and statistics are used – and abused – in the news, business and politics” that launched today in the Wall Street Journal. Coincidentally, the first column is about the “so-called” Asian bird flu. I say, “coincidentally,” because, well, here’s the story on David Weinberger’s blog, four years ago.

Is a “branded magazine” a custom magazine?

Is a “branded magazine” a custom magazine? For the second time this week (Forrester Magazine was the first) we’re seeing the announcement of a “branded magazine” — a magazine that is, in effect, a product extension of an existing brand. Today (what’s with Friday announcements), Hachette announced it is launching the magazine, “Chris Madden,” that will be “centered around stylemaker Chris Madden (sorry, the only famous Madden I’ve heard of is on Monday Night Football), who sells a line of home merchandise at J.C. Penney Co.,” according to Reuters. The story says that 400,000 copies of the magazine will be distributed via newsstand and another 50,000 copies via J.C. Penney. To me, this is clearly a custom (or, customer) magazine, but I am sure its backers will disagree with such a characterization because of the business model (which, is probably a licensing arrangement or joint venture). Whatever.