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Google tags announcement: Later today, Google is expected to make an announcement about “tags” on the Google weblog (side observation on the practice of corporate communications, 2005: generate news with blogs, bury news with press releases).

Clarification: Dave Winer blogs that Google is implementing a plan, developed in conjunction with Winer, to discourage comment spam on weblogs — a different kind of tag than the Technorati “tag” news. Cool news, however, and as this weblog is hosted at Userland and I use Manila, I guess I’ll be one of the early beneficiaries of this new development. Although, I must say that in the past couple of months, since “returning” to Userland servers, the comment spam has cleared up for me. The following is more about the Technorati tag news kind of tags.)

I haven’t blogged about tags, nor will I much here (I confuse enough people already), but ever since my colleague Laura Creekmore (one of this weblog’s seven readers) and I (okay, mainly a team she led) spent a couple of years immersed in the creation of a taxonomy of thousands of small business-related terms (and creating “trees” in Verity), the world of toxonomy is one of great fascination to me: how the words we use often mean something else to others…and how those words can connect knowledge in new and fascinating ways.

I’d like to suggest a new term for collaborative tag-oriented taxonomy creation rather than folksonomy. Why not tagsonomy? And the whole study of grassroots, collaborative taxonomy creation, well: how ’bout tagsology?

(Google announcement via: Robert Scoble, who wonders if this is what Dave Winer was speculating would make people smile. Maybe. Maybe not.)

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  1. I noticed that, despite removing the links to comments on a certain blog, the database was loaded with about 20 comments, 100% spam, within less than two weeks of launch. Anything to make this automated form of adding noise to the Internet is a good thing.

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