7 thoughts on “Pithed on

  1. Yeah, I get no respect. But, my quality has gone down since too many people that know the “day” me read the site. Plus, the Scene may be cautious about associating someone who uses the word Crunk as much as I do.

  2. you’re ok as long in this town as you are not knowingly soliciting or facilitating crunk. By the way, several of my fellow Gallatinites took those buses down to Chu’s, but only once.

  3. Hey, I was talking about those other people from Gallatin.

    Actually, at first, I was going to apologize, but then I remembered that Gallatin has a convenience store that you literally drive your car into (i.e. inside).

  4. Sadly, that store is no more. I once bought a gallon of milk there, and it cost almost twice what the local megagrocery charges. Evveryone who shopped there decided it was better to slog thru the I-65 traffic to Nashville for its overpriced “cuisine.”

  5. My hometown still has [I assume, I just don’t get back that often] a store you can drive through. Drive through beer shopping. When it first opened, we would all drive through a few times, but I just don’t get it. You can’t really see everything in the store. So how do you know what to ask for? Unless of course, you just want a 12-pack.

    My local Eckerd drive thru in Nashville will occasionally put candy bars in the window. It just makes me mad. What would they say if I asked them to run get me a toothbrush? I guess I need to ask and find out.

  6. I hate drive-thrus in general and avoid them unless I absolutely have no choice. And even then – I don’t eat in my car, unless it’s say fruit or a similar snack, and don’t like anyone else to eat in it, either. I rarely use human bank tellers, but find leaning way out to use a drive up teller a chore, so I try to use branches where the ATM is inside.

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