But it’s working

But it’s working: I don’t recall ever seeing a public company report that its profits were down because of distribution costs of its customer magazine, but that appears to be what furniture company Ethan Allen did today, according to AP.


Ethan Allen said a magazine distribution initiative resulted in additional costs of $1.1 million, or two cents a share, for the latest quarter. The company said it will continue to increase the distribution of its direct-mail magazine in the coming months.

Well, you gotta blame something.

2 thoughts on “But it’s working

  1. That’s….interesting. But hey, they’re keeping it going, so who knows.

    Anywho – you could do this with anything, really – just divide it out against your gain/loss, and prove its value. Expect some cockamamie excuses to come out, if people start seeing stuff like this.

    “Mahogany furniture upkeep was responsible for .03/share loss this quarter. But our furniture is clean, so we’ll be increasing our number of services throughout the next few months.”

  2. Y’all have no idea how awful it can really get. I have some extensive experience proofing earnings releases…

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