The Rolling Stone sees the light

The Rolling Stone sees the light: As recommended here a week ago, apparently there was a come-to-Jesus-meeting at the Rolling Stone and, well, here’s the quote in USA Today:

“We have addressed the internal miscommunications that led to the previous misstatement of company policy and apologize for any confusion it may have caused,” Lisa Dallos, spokeswoman for Wenner Media, Rolling Stone’s parent company, said Monday. She declined to elaborate.”

Okay. If that’s the case, I’ll elaborate for her. Here’s what I imagine she really wanted to say: “We were, like, really strung out at the time and then later, like, we had this ephiphany: people, like, get really pissed when you reject ads for the Bible. Who knew? Like, how were we to know it would be judged as one of the most dumbass decisions in the history of advertising-supported magazines? And, oh yeah, we thought it would be helpful to the Zondervan Bible marketing effort if we rejected the ad and later ran it. You know, like confessing our sins and all. We thought they could benefit from all the publicity from such a stupid decision on our part. Anyway, we love it when ten million-or-so fundamentalist preachers all across America suggest to their church members that their sons and daughters should not purchase our magazine. Anyway, we’re sorry. Jeeze.” (Again, that’s my elaboration, people: she didn’t actually elaborate on Rolling Stone’s stupidity.)

As I said last week, God works in mysterious ways.

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