One-click resume enhancement

One-click resume enhancement: Damon Darlin on the Business 2.0 blog, B2Day, has invented a new game he predicts (and I agree) could become the Time Waster of the Week. Using the new (and amazingly worthless) “search people” feature on the search engine, (click “People), type in a name and you’ll get something that resembles a virtual resume. However, the results you get may include one or more entry that will be downright hilarious. For example, do a search on the name Jake Winebaum, the founder and CEO of, and the results will include that he was the founder of Earthlink. Huh? Talk about resume enhancement. (note: Earthlink founder Sky Dayton was involved in the creation of and serves on its board, so there is a connection, but not the one implied in the results)

Damon has examples of some other funny results.