Now, I’m even more impressed

Now, I’m even more impressed: Previously, I have praised the folks behind JPG Magazine for demonstrating how to translate participatory journalism, blogging, and, in their case, photoblogging into print. Now, I’ve discovered they are using on-demand printing to produce and distribute the publication.

As I often get Google-search visitors here who are looking for information about how to start a magazine (and who are disappointed that I have none), I’d like to give the JPG Mag folks even more kudos for demonstrating a means to scratch the itch of magazine creation and entrepreneurship in a way that does not require one to max out credit cards and take out second mortgages on ones home. If you think the world can’t live without your idea for a magazine or that it’s “the first ever” magazine of its kind, here’s a way to test that theory. If you think that all that stuff you’re blogging would make a good magazine, here’s a way to test that theory.