Top Ten EU rejected names of Windows-Lite

Top Ten EU rejected names of Windows-Lite: The WSJ is reporting that the European Commission’s antiturst authority “has expressed concern” about Microsoft’s version of windows that complies with the regulator’s order to provide a version of Windows without Windows Media Player. The EU, it appears, doesn’t like the name MS has chosen, “Windows XP Reduced Media Edition” as they fear such an unappealing name could turn away consumers.

What? Microsoft using an unappealing name to turn away customers? An interesting marketing challenge: Name a product so no one will want to purchase it. Reminds me of the movie/play, The Producers. With that in mind, here are my suggestions for the top ten unappealing names Microsoft can now run by the EU:

10. Windows Weakling
9. Windows Yugo
8. Windows Mute
7. Windows Crash
6. Windows Without
5. Windows Osama
4. Windows Short Horn
3. Windows Slow Edition
2. Windows FU-EU
and the number one least appealing name…
1. Windows Mini

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