HK Cubanvision

HD Cubanvision: While I disagree with him on occasion, I’m addicted to Mark Cuban’s weblog. Where else are you going to read something like this about HD Net, the all high definition TV network he owns:

“Since it’s my network, and this is something I think is amazing and compelling, we are going to broadcast the feed continuously on HDNet during daylight and twilight hours in Baghdad. No talking heads. No interruptions for commentary. Just the sights and sounds of Baghdad, uninterrupted and unedited. What you see, and in High Definition you see and hear a lot, is what you get.”

HD C-Span of the Iraqi skyline may not not sound to me the most compelling TV, but Mark Cuban’s passion makes him the best billionaire blogger we have, and will have, unless, that is, Warren Buffett decides to crank one up.