Who would Jesus clue?

Who would Jesus clue? On this weblog, I lambasted the folks at Rolling Stone for being clueless by rejecting an ad from the Zondervan Bible folks, a decision the magazine wisely reversed later.

What I didn’t know was that some of my Nashville neighbors, the Southern Baptist publishing arm, also have a beef with the Bible, or, at least with the “The New International Version” of the Bible, the version being promoted in the ad rejected by Rolling Stone. Nashville-based and Southern-Baptist owned LifeWay Christian Bookstores won’t sell the version because of its “gender neutrality,” which LifeWay says stems from “secular political correctness” rather than “biblical inerrancy.” (Disclosure: I attend a church that uses a “gender neutral” version of the Bible and think, at times, it’s ridiculous. I also know — believe me — lots of Southern Baptists (and I was one for the first half of my life) who realize how clueless it is for LifeWay to censure a version of the Bible based on its own dogmatic set of right-wing-political correctness.)

And so we have a dilemma in what was being called after the election, “Jesus Land”: How can you rail against the heathen Rolling Stone secularists for not carrying an advertisement for a Bible you rail against for being too secular and politically correct?

As I said in the first two posts on this topic, God works in mysterious ways. I’ll add now, She also has a remarkably keen sense of humor.

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