Uniquely Nashville

Uniquely Nashville: Don’t tell anyone I told you this, but one of the most fascinating annual events held in Nashville is coming up this weekend, and very few locals will even know it happens. Each year, the national organization comprised of individuals who run local bluegrass festivals (yes, there is an association for everything) has a convention at the Sheraton Music City (near the airport). The organization is called The Society for the Preservation of Bluegrass Music in America, but most people attending the convention call it something that sounds like, “Spig-ma.”

I’ve never actually been inside a Spig-ma convention meeting, but I’ve made lots of visits to the lobby and hallways of the Sheraton during the annual convention. (I just remembered, I’ve even blogged it before.) I don’t know how to describe it. If you’ve ever heard a few bluegrass pickers jamming, imagine a few dozen groups of such jammers picking in every hallway, corner and stairwell in a large hotel. Fortunately, every room in the hotel is booked by convention attendees as a civilian walking into this scene would equate the experience to an episode of the Twilight Zone.

I’ll be going out to the Sheraton with the fiddler (she’s home this weekend) and the mandolin player from my house. They always enjoy jamming with the oldtimers. I enjoy them enjoying it.


Despite her “striking” resemblance in this picture to Tonya Harding, Sally Anthony has not appeared on the Jerry Springer show. Yet.

Surreal: On her website, minor-league-basketball-team-minority-owner-and-entertainer Sally Anthony says she’s “proof that dreams can become reality.” Yeah, right, and dreams can also turn into nightmares and Felinniesque freak shows. Talk about dreams: She’s a “You’re so Nashville…” fantasy.

(Note: I would like to make clear this post is entirely in “jest” and is parody and satire and all those other libel-shielding things. It does does not really reflect the high regard this blogger has for minor league sports team owners, or minor league entertainers, for that matter. And what’s more, my using the term “minor league entertainer” should not be construed to suggest Ms. Anthony is minor-league or obscure. The fact that I nor anyone I know has ever heard of her does not mean she isn’t a really big-time star. So, just to make it clear, no where on this post do I describe Ms. Anthony as being “odd” or “kooky.” Let’s just say, she’s special. Okay.)

Update: A person who is too bashful to comment, even though one can do so anonymously, e-mailed me to suggest that someone who would display the photo on the left prominently on the front page of her website would likely see herself as the victim in all of this self-inflicted mockery. She’ll actually think we’re laughing at her, not with her. That being the case, I’d like assure Sally that we’re not making fun of her just because she’s made a complete fool of herself. (By the way, after noticing that picture, I’ve changed my mind. She’s got more of the Courtney Love look going on that the Tonya Harding.)

Update II: Did I say Courtney Love? I meant Kurt Cobain.

New shark-jumping record

New shark-jumping land speed record: It’s official. The new “media insider” blog FishbowlNY both launched and jumped the shark on its first day. Apparently, by noon, its keepers were already too bored with its stated topic (“fishbowlNY: a gossip blog about New York media”), its keepers have moved onto war-blogging.

This is gossip?

Incidentally, when will major NY papers and wire services stop waiting for official Pentagon excuses about why those helicopters keep crashing over there? You think a Sea Stallion plummets and kills over 30 people because the sand filter on the turbine breaks down? No, a hand-held Stinger missile will do that. icasualties is the only open-source outlet that also cross-references all up-to-the-minute news about what network pundits present weeks later as “shocking new numbers.”

Incidentally, when will FishbowlNY do gossip rather than oped pieces?