New shark-jumping record

New shark-jumping land speed record: It’s official. The new “media insider” blog FishbowlNY both launched and jumped the shark on its first day. Apparently, by noon, its keepers were already too bored with its stated topic (“fishbowlNY: a gossip blog about New York media”), its keepers have moved onto war-blogging.

This is gossip?

Incidentally, when will major NY papers and wire services stop waiting for official Pentagon excuses about why those helicopters keep crashing over there? You think a Sea Stallion plummets and kills over 30 people because the sand filter on the turbine breaks down? No, a hand-held Stinger missile will do that. icasualties is the only open-source outlet that also cross-references all up-to-the-minute news about what network pundits present weeks later as “shocking new numbers.”

Incidentally, when will FishbowlNY do gossip rather than oped pieces?

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  1. Rex, you mean you didn’t see my blog? It was up for at least 15 minutes. (Note to self: avoid irony on this blog)

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