A must blog

A must-blog: How did I miss this? A wonderful idea for a magazine…and it’s published in Nashville. A rexblog hat trick and I missed it. My apologies for just now learning (from the NY Times, no less (alternative link) about the launch and early success of GX Magazine. I am falling down on my blogging job. I look forward to meeting Mr. Powers and Mr. Brown to congratulate them personally.

Quote from the NY Times:

Mitch Powers and Ed Brown were working with the Army National Guard on Internet projects and fell in love with the branch of citizen-soldiers. Although neither had served in the Guard and both had limited publishing experience, they decided that this service needed its own magazine. (So they) came up with GX, a valentine to the National Guard, with articles about men and women who left their jobs and families to fight and rebuild in places like Afghanistan and Iraq.

Filled with poems written by children of soldiers who have been activated, photo features of the National Guard offering a helping hand and how-to articles about being a better fighter, GX…stands for “Guard Experience”…

What a great idea!