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Sign me up: I know that one reader of this weblog will not approve (he’s not a fan of Bezos, long story), but I’ve already signed up for Amazon Prime – “All You Can Eat” Express Shipping. For $79, you get a year of “free” (how’s it free when I pay $80 for it?) 2-day shipments and overnight shipments for $4 with no minimum purchase required. Up to four members of a household can use it. A quick review of my purchase record convinced me that, for me at least, this is a no-brainer. Apparently, they’ll still be offering the super saver free shipping for purchases over $50. Also, before you purchase anything at Amazon, remember to come to the rexblog and click on the link to my affiliate store on the left-hand column of any page on this blog. I was saving up all my commissions for a plasma TV (I was up to, like, $22) but then I donated it to the Red Cross tsunami-relief fund, instead.

4 thoughts on “Sign me up

  1. Sweet! That’s something I can get on board with! My yearly Amazon purchases would easily make that worthwhile. I’m headed that way right now to check it out….

  2. Seriously. This is a super deal. I get REALLY tired of waiting the four days [or 10, you never know, do you?] for my free super saver shipping.

    Also, these people at Amazon are the world’s most brilliant geniuses for coming up with more ways to suck money out of me.

  3. As I am someone who walks past lcreekmo’s office each day (several times) and notices Amazon boxes there quite often, I can confirm her prediction that she’ll save money on this deal.

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