How to get noticed in your hometown paper

How to get noticed in your hometown paper: I guess if a big story about a magazine published in Nashville appears in the NY Times (alternative link), it’s okay then to do a big story in the local daily paper. (Come to think of it, the NYT story is how I found about the magazine, also.) For whatever reason, it is great to see another story about the folks behind GX Magazine.


What they discovered while researching the concept for their niche publication was that no other magazine had the Guard in its sights, even though the Guard’s ranks are chock full of the 18-to-34 age demographic most desirable to advertisers. ”There were publications aimed at the military that were not family-oriented or lifestyle-oriented, but we felt there was a need for something different,” said Powers. ”We wanted to do something of broader interest. All we had to do was show these people in their normal, heroic, everyday lives. We didn’t have to entice them with anything,” Brown said.

(I guess today’s Tennessean article falls into the category of “How magazines get started, continued.”)

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  1. I was disappointed that you weren’t quoted in the Tennessean’s article when I read it earlier this morning.

    You think the Tennessean folks read blogs?

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